Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Slash and Burn

Slash and Burn - Jade C. Jamison Awwwwwww... Nicky Nicky Nicky... You can call me babe anytime!!.
I love Jade's Bullet Series!!!. This one gives you a very hot and sinful story with Sabrina, Val Hella's new bassist. God you just want too like her prickly Self.. Lol. And Nick sure had some hot hot fun with her. But our Nick wants to love and be loved... Can Sabrina give that to him???
Read on my lovelies!!!!

'Til Death, Volume Two

'Til Death, Volume Two - Bella Jewel Bella Jewel!!! F**King brilliant story!!!
There is no line between love and hate in this book!!! It is a battle of epic proportions!!! How can a love that has turned into a hate so deep that Marcus, and Katia are in the depths of hell, ever recover??? How can you even find the desire to breathe after you are so broken, shattered into a million pieces??. There is no recovery from that. Is there????!!!

I devoured this book... It is a hold your breath, cry, scream and hurt to the depths of your soul story!

Christmas Stalkings

Christmas Stalkings - Jade C. Jamison Awww.. Loved spending a holiday vacation with Brad, Val and the kids. Add In a stalker into the mix and it makes for a great like novella!

Dirty Ties

Dirty Ties - Pam Godwin Bloody hell!! Pam delivers a fast paced riveting story that not only had twists and turns with a Racing bike but with the mysterious storyline as well!!!. What a tangled web is weaved for greed and lust for power... Always taking the innocents along for the ride... This time the ride is on amazing race bikes with life or death consequences...



Raze - Tillie Cole 5+++++ STARS!!!
OMG TILLIE!!! You have a fan for life!! #RAZEHAZE !!!!
There are no words for the originality....the brutality.... The overwhelming soul crushing emotions you get with this amazing story....
Bring on the Book hangover!!!

Merciless Ride

Merciless Ride - Chelsea Camaron I am a big fan of Chelsea Camaron and her MC series...
I have to say, being a HUGE fav of MC books.. there are some that go beyond the shock factor.. and then there are few like Chelsea's...
She really goes into the heart and soul of the characters... the bad boys and the women they love and protect..

Shooter and Tessie are no different... Both of them struggling with demons.. heartache.. just wanting to find the light in life... can they be that for each other?

read on..
need the next book now!

Relatively Famous

Relatively Famous - Heather  C. Leigh Sydney and Drew... what a couple!
she is the daughter of a famous couple.. and he is sexy as sin...
recipe for disaster?? possibly true love?? with a secret in her past... can they actually get past it?

I am really looking forward to the next book!!

Lane Changes (

Lane Changes ( - S.L. Ellis I really liked Cassie!! She is pretty funny!! I really liked that she is a strong female character! She gets in your business and doesn't take any crap from anyone... that's refreshing to see! She has her own story as well, but this book seems to have a couple of stories going on at the same time.. it's like watching a soap
It's a very good first book, and I look forward to reading more from S.L. Ellis..

Saving Ayden

Saving Ayden - Muriel Garcia 3.5 stars... this was a great debut novel by ms. Garcia... it was an intriguing story dealing with a very delicate subject matter. there were a couple if editorial bumps... but did not take away from the story... I look forward to reading more from her..

Here/Now (The Depth of Emotion, #3)

Here/Now (The Depth of Emotion, #3) - D.D. Lorenzo 5+++++++ Royal Stars!!
OMG.. D.D.!!! you knocked it out of the park with this 3rd book!!
I love that it is a stand alone/spinoff book from the first 2 books!!
I want to re-read this I love it so much!!!!

This story plunges you into the darkness that has become Carter Sinclaire's life after the murder of his Wife...
How can you return to having a beating heart when your heart was ripped out of your body?? How can you overcome a broken heart full of rage and hurt?

Aimee is a family friend, a beautiful soul, and a breath of fresh air that not only has suffered her own heartache, and is trying to find the other half of her heart... she also suffers at the hand of the same witch that destroyed Carter's world...

DD literally scared me at the incredible shocking scene in this book... I literally gasped and lost my sense of time and forgot my instinct to breathe!!!

This spin off story is so intrinsic... so incredible with twists and turns that you literally could not have guessed...while still dealing with a very real story of mending a broken heart.
It is a must read, and on my shelf of fave all time reads!!

Heart Recaptured

Heart Recaptured - Tillie Cole Book 2 of the Hades Hangmen Series.. it is just Uh-mazing!!!
Tillie Cole captures a complete ying and yang among lifestyles with the Hades Hangman MC and Cult survivors... there is an extreme broadness of the spectrum!! you can't get any further apart than these two types of lifestyles...
Add in some serious, deep underscore of violence and love.. and you get an MC book that has no comparison!!!
I freaking love these books!!!

Coach Love (Love Brothers, #2)

Coach Love (Love Brothers, #2) - Liz Crowe Omg... The Love Brothers!!!. Seriously... Just an amazing soap opera drama full of a real functionally dysfunctional family... With real life issues and broken souls, while still being a close knit Loving family.... Just seriously want this made into a tv show!!!
major major huuuuge drama at the end of this one.. Not a Cliffhanger at all... Just opened up an amazing storyline for the next book!!!. Which I need yesterday!!!!

Love Garage (Love Brothers, #1)

Love Garage (Love Brothers, #1) - Liz Crowe My sweety lord.. Liz Crowe... These books of yours are soap opera/series worthy!!! The Love family... What a wonderful Loving functional/dysfunctional set of characters!!!. I can't seem write a compete review... I have to dive right into book two!!! Lol

Vegas Miracle

Vegas Miracle - Liz Crowe OMFG... this Trilogy about made me insane!!
Brilliantly written... soooooo well written.. every emotion I experienced was at a DEFCON level 1!!
I wanted to hand hold all the characters, love and hug them... and at the same time I wanted to cause them severe bodily harm!!
There were SEVERAL moments.. i had to put this series down.. walk away.. and get a hold of myself... I have never met a more stubborn set of characters that just needed to accept happiness and love and live HEA!!
But I had to run back to the story... unable to stop reading! I just had to see where Liz's beautifully twisted mind was going to take me... knowing I would love and scream during the journey!
This is a very real life decade journey, not just between Jack and Sara... but with EVERYONE in this book!!
Well Played Liz Crowe... well played...

One Love

One Love - Lili St. Germain What a hell of a ride Lily St. Germaine had taken us on with the Gypsy Brithers!!! This ending is gruesome... Just as the journey was... Bloody, vengeful, and oh so good!!!!
Can not wait for the other books!!!
Thanks Lily!!!

Before Ryan Was Mine: The Remembrance Trilogy Prequel

Before Ryan Was Mine: The Remembrance Trilogy Prequel - Kahlen Aymes Gah! This book just makes me want to read the series again... I miss Ryan and Julia!!. This book gives us all those moments that made them.. Well them!!!. Ask the getting to know you... Falling for each other... Tip toeing around each other... Getting closer... Sigh!. Loved it!!