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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...


Kyland - Mia Sheridan


There is something to be said about Love being
the most important thing in the world...
It means more than money...
Kyland And Tenleigh
They are full of hope.
Hope is almost impossible to have in the poverty stricken Appalachian Mountains.
They are cold, hungry, and love starved.
They fight every single day just to survive odds that we never even dream of.
Through all of this, they have hope for a future that is just within their grasp...
but ultimately, out of their control.
They are both trying to get out, dreaming of a life that has a fridge full of food, a heated place to live.
Can love exist in such dire circumstances?
This story by Mia brings us to the reality of life and how there are so many people truly struggling to just survive... it is a story that lets you peak into a world we wouldn't pray on our worst enemy..
It is a story that if you embrace it fully, it will change your soul.
Beyond the struggles, they both happen to find a little happiness, a love that they will try and deny with their last breath, and will sacrifice everything, even going to the depths of hell so the other can have the possibility of a future.


4.5 crowns