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In His Shadow

In His Shadow - Tiffany Snow OMG!! Tiffany Snow fans are going to LOVE In His Shadow!!
It has a Kat and Kade feel to it... but totally different!
I am absolutely riveted to know what happens with Ivy, Devon, Scott and Logan...
Noooo.. not just because of any love triangles, or technically squares... but because each individual character is sooooooo unique.. so vibrant... I just can't wait to read where they go from book 1!!

The suspense.. the fly by your seat of your pants action, stomach aching at the plot twists, seeing black spots because you are holding your breath scene after scene... LOVE IT!! Of course... we have the not realistic, NO WAY can this happen in real life type of story, with a heroine that is just shy of naive, and heroes left and right surrounding her... but that is exactly what we love about Tiffany Snow's amazing writing... The fact that you can get completely lost by immersing yourself completely in her larger than life worlds... and have fun reading it.. and the hotness factor that makes you need a cold shower... This IS Tiffany Snow's amazing brain at work!!

NEEEEEEEED the next book yesterday!!!!