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The Beautiful Dead

The Beautiful Dead - Daryl Banner I was given this amazing book by my #popcornsoulmate Daryl Banner...

First off, my Lovelies... You are the first to know that I do not read Zombie books... I tend to stick with Billionaires, bikers, and tattooed alphas. But after chatting with Daryl.. well i thought.. why the heck not??

Let me just say.. that although this is a non-zombie type of zombie book... (if that makes any sense) I was completely awestruck at the extremely crazy original and fun world (or end of world) that Daryl created. I went in reading it expecting it to be a bloody, messy, icky book full of flesh eating creatures... instead.. I got a Hell of a story!

It starts with a girl name Winter, who died and un-died, with a rising.. sort of a "birth" to
So she is brought back from death to be a dead, but is a living, talking animated former human.

She is thrust in this new "dead world" and expected to be accepting and function as if it is all perfectly normal. Not an easy task...

There are some amazing and quirky characters along the way that are along for her evolution of sorts. There is even a "love" interest in another dead-un-dead former human named Grimsky... and there is even a Human named John.

Incredibly, this band of unlikely and original characters with lots of other dead-undead and humans, (oh and we can't forget a warlock too!) They take you through an unbelievable journey, to face the "deathless" and zombies, and more humans and...and...and... Omg! there is so much in this book that i have literally dreamt about it for 2 nights... its insane, has twists and treachery, and revelations you never see coming! It sucks you in and you can't do anything but keep reading and cheer for the

It also has an amazing moral compass thrown in near the end.. that shocked me to the point that i was surprisingly taking a long hard look at my life and friendships and family relationships... WTH??? from a non-zombie book???!!!

Daryl... WOW...just WOW... you socked me in the gut, head and heart with this very unexpected and unpredictable story!! luved it!!

My Lovelies.. if you want to take a slightly insane but very fun journey with the dead who are undead, and learn a little bit about life along the way... READ THIS!!