Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...


Thoughtful - S.C. Stephens

Review to follow..... (happy sigh)



Kellan is in the Castle!!

The Castle is officially closed!!! 



What is there to say.... it is KELLAN KYLE!!!
Not only is it my one and only top of the list book boyfriend,
Thoughtful is in HIS p.o.v.!!!
OMG.. I mean seriously... we get to be inside this rock god's head,
and most importantly, in his heart and soul!

Once I started reading this book, it was like coming home... and I never wanted to leave!
I can not tell you how emotional this book was for me.
My soul was filleted with Kellan's backstory.
You get such tragic details of his family that you just want to
hold Kellan in your arms forever!
(not like you didn't want to before, right?)

You really get to see all that went on between Kiera and himself..
Killeen's childhood with Denny and with his parents.
You just get to be inside Kellan, and although very painful,
it is the only place you want to be.

This Book is Magnificent!
S.C. Stephens just gave us all the best gift EVER!!
This will be one of my fave all time Re-Reads..
I never want to leave Kellan!