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Precarious - Bella Jewel I LUV BEAU!!!
He is HOT! He is Sweet! He is a bada**!

My goodness my lovelies... here we go with another awesome book from Bella Jewel!!

This book revolves around a rather unusual and unique scenario... Ash is a prison guard, Beau is an MC vice president...
Now you ask yourself... how could they possibly meet?? well Beau gets arrested for murder of course.. and lands in jail, and one guess as to who is guarding him... BINGO... Ash..

Now, this story is absolutely unique, as it is all about Beau being framed for murder of an "innocent" Patriarch and family... now we all know that can't be it right?? of course not.. this is all conspired by a rival MC, Cops on their payroll, a cartel organization boss, and friends who turn out to be anything but that...

Add in a prison break, a kidnapping.. twists and turns that kept me on my toes, oh and of course... hot hot hotness factor and you get another amazing story by Bella Jewel!!!!!