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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Monster in His Eyes

Monster in His Eyes - J.M. Darhower Sweet Lord in Heaven.... Darhower does it again!!! After Sempre... I was waiting on another masterpiece be Darhower... And i was not disappointed!!

What would you do if you danced with the devil?? If you were kissed by a Monster?? If you fell in Love with a complicated man??

Oh Naz.... sweet, hot, scary Naz.... The monster lurking in your soul is but a broken man, hurting beyond anything for such insane loss... What they turned you into... breaks my heart!!

And Karissa... your world, omg your life... what you don't know won't hurt you is a great saying... I would have never wanted to know...

I have seen a few comments of this story being "slow building"... I for one think it is perfection... I luv her writing style... you are thoroughly immersed in the story, in the characters by the time it just takes off like a rocket!!! all of a sudden this stroll through an amazing park ends up being a life or death race to your destiny... These are the types of books I LOVE!!

there is a little cliffy... not one that you can't breathe with.. just one that leaves you with that OMG.. and your jaw dropped... but the next book is out in a few days... and I will just have to have Naz and Karissa swirling in my head in the meantime... ohhhhh the anticipation...

can not wait!!!!