Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Sweet Perdition

Sweet Perdition - Cynthia Rayne Well all my lovelies know my luv for MC books.... The you add that this one is based in Texas (where his Princess hails from), then add that the heroine's name is Elizabeth.. (A name I am pretty fond of) then mix in a huge dash of Neanderthal Biker Hotness... And let me tell you... Woooooooo-eeeeeewww!! This Princess is beyond happy with this book!

Oh and double brownie bonus points... This old lady in the making is a librarian with curves!

So this starts off with Elizabeth being in the wedding of her ex boyfriend and best friend... And since that is a day from hell if I've ever heard of, of course you end it with going to a biker bar to have a much needed drink... Enter stage right... Bad ass biker, Ryker.... A scary alpha with a gooey center...

Mix those two together, with some drama with the Ex... And you get yourself a lovely Biker love story... Need the next book now!