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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Come to Me Softly

Come to Me Softly - A.L. Jackson Wow Amy... Just wow!

Jared and Aly... its just... i have no words on how beautiful this broken man and this sweet sweet girl are...

The one thing that i am completely head over heels on how Ms. Jackson writes, is how it is almost a self monologue of each of the main characters... we are soooooooo extremely inside of Jared's mind that you swear you are in his soul... And Aly, her beautiful heart... just amazing.

this story takes you the most amazing climb up the mountain... and getting there truly hurts... it is Jared's Everest! And sweet lord, the world is making sure he will fail.

will he fall or will he make it??

can't wait for you all to read it!!