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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Climbing Out

Climbing Out - Lila Rose OMG Hell Mouth and Griz!!! Yup.. hang on to your hats folks.. this ride is for adults only!!!

first off.. we met this pair in book one.. which i absolutely loved!!! A Funny MC book.. who would have thought that possible.. and the funny part.. HELL MOUTH Deanna...

Book two in not a chucklefest like book one.. because we get to see a new side of Deanna.. a vulnerable side.. which i loved!!

And.. we get GRIZ.. omgoodness.. what can you say about a grizzly bear/teddy bear combo that is all Alpha'd out in this story??

AND.. to make it even better we get the whole gang again!!

can't wait for more of these by ms. Lila Rose!