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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Ravage Me

Ravage Me - Ryan Michele ok... i luv me some mc books... but this one.. well.. you sort of have to read it like you are watching Die Hard with Bruce Willis... totally unbelievable and fast.. but worth the price of admission.

3.5 stars for me...

the beginning.. is just. too. fast!!

we get Harlow "Princess", who just gets out of a 2 year stint in prison for a crime she was set up for.. of course! And within the first 24 hours.. she beats up a couple of prospects, masturbates with the vibrations of her motorcycle engine in a garage full of MC members, gets claimed by Cruz as his old lady, gets shot, goes on lockdown, meets Cruz's baby momma, and oh yeah.. becomes a step mom.

yup.. 24 hours.. its an episode of S.O.A. on crack!

ok.. luckily.. this book slowed down.. a little... lol

we actually get a good storyline, and treachery, hotness, and craziness that only the MC world can provide!!

easy good read... if you like MC books.. well they are a lot of levels of them.. and here is one of them!