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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Because of Kian

Because of Kian - Sibylla Matilde Brynn and Kian... what a hell of a story! seriously... this is one love story that just sucks you in from the very first paragraph.

Brynn is your normal all american goody girl with a totally effed up crazy side... she loves pain... and without the experience needed.. she turned a somewhat dangerous boyfriend into a psycho abusive stalker ex.

This is where the experienced and OMG hot hot alpha Kian steps in... he also is carrying some baggage that makes him uber protective of women and children... lucky lucky Brynn...seriously.. freaking lucky Brynn!!

He saves her from near death from the psycho ex only to train her on self defense to take care of herself, while he of course starts taking care of ALL of her... and let me tell you... wooooooooo! steamy!!

with some twists and turns, Kian turns out to be the most amazing panty melting alpha... who falls for Brynn and her craziness...

enter psycho ex again, plus Brynn's craziness and the hot hot did i mention hot Alpha Kian? HELL of a story!!

hurry and read this like yesterday!!!!