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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Renegade Lady

Renegade Lady - Dawn Martens, Emily Minton ok my lovelies... you all know me well by now.. and you know.. I. Am. A. Sucker. For. An. MC Book!!!

this one is no different...

MC books are just in their own world, and it is a world i love to live in... safely... in a book! lol

Dawn Martens truly did this normally horrifically violent world some justice... Here is a good bunch of guys in an MC club... don't get me wrong... they are violent, and alpha... but they do respect their women. THAT was a nice touch!

So we have Jenna... bred of an MC member... left as an orphan by her addict mother. She goes to the only person she never had.. her father...a brother in a very not so nice MC club. At 16, she is taken by force and made a "Old Lady" and raped, beaten and every other unimaginable thing done to her...

In walks in the other Chapter of their MC club, and we get Chipper... who takes Jenna and claims her as her own child. Saves her.. gives her a mother.. a good one... and destiny... lovely destiny brings in Kidd.

What i liked about this book is that it shows the turmoil of Kidd falling for a girl.. and he makes some pretty dumb decisions to wait for her to be of age... then you would think he would have learned.. but nope. He continues to fall into bad choice after bad choice, which send Jessica off the wrong end of the cliff as well.. and years go by with both of them being

well you have to know they eventually make back to one another, and just in time, as the not so nice MC is back.. and they want Jessica back!

Will they get her??? can Kidd save her??

READ IT and find out!!