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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For - Jade C. Jamison Cheating..... This is a subject that most people abhor... most everyone has been a victim of.... and a few (very few) will admit to having committed it.

Jade C. Jamison tackled this incredibly volatile topic with the grace and honest in your face reality of cheating.

In this amazing story, you get a completely original twist on cheating... no, not a triangle... this is about a wench of a woman, paying another woman to seduce her husband to prove he is a low life cheater.

In walks Jessica, a struggling independent college student with a car on the fritz, and no way to pay for repairs. Destiny brings in a loud mouth and rude table of women, who after many drinks, proposition Jessica to try and seduce one of the husbands to prove he is a cheating bastard... Jessica, who has morals immediately says "no", and trys to walk away... but they up the offer... and Jessica, without a car is not a functioning woman.. so the offer hits that magic $ amount she needs. Who could blame her... he is the one in the wrong.... right???

In walks sex on a stick, Kage.... yes.. how can anyone with the name Kage not be sex on a stick?! Not only is he a hottie... but he is a broken soul, and a really really good guy... who can blame Jessica at all?? Most of us would pay to have this man handed to us!!! lol Well push comes to shove, and they have an incredible connection... and he turns her down... well... at first... lol

ok, I won't spoil it for you, but obviously you know a little or a lot of sumthin' sumthin' happened, or this book would be a novella!

Now this is where I freaking love JADE!!! She takes this original story, and this volatile topic, and opens up a complete can of worms not usually seen in a "cheating" book... Jade goes Deeeeeeeeeep!!! I mean.. just imagine the insecurities you would have if you got the Sex on a Stick good guy by getting paid to seduce him... then how could you trust him??? Once a cheater always a cheater, right??? oh... and remember Mr. Hottie was a little broken.. well there is that evolution as well...

And i must mention... Sex on a Stick... Broken Soul... Good Guy... yeah.. he is a Rock God as well... I think all that's left is for him to walk on water in the Book Boyfriend department...lolol

Seriously a wonderfully written story with a beautiful eye to detail on a not so very nice subject... Please do yourselves a favor and read this great book NOW!!!