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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Nicki Sosebee Foursome

Nicki Sosebee Foursome - Jade C. Jamison Squuueeeeaaa!!! Diving in Princess Jade!!! :)

wow..what a ride into the fun life of Nicki Sosebee.... from her interesting as a reporter that gets her in a bunch of adrenaline enhancing situations... to her fantastically fun and exciting luv life, while still sucking you into a major romance... in the background..... oh yeah and a little in the foreground's seems to be turning into an angsty love triangle... and you all know how much I love those!!!! can not wait to see how this plays out!! two things for sure... one... Nicki, who is like a sexually assertive adult Nancy Drew... will definitely get herself in many a situation as a reporter.. and two.... the hotness factor is just going to blind me!! diving into book five... Wooooooooo!!