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Game Changer

Game Changer - Paula Marinaro Ok my lovelies... You know I am a sucker for MC books! This one is no different... I really did enjoy this back and it has a very interesting story that spans decades but doesn't take forever to get into those details since this book goes back and forth from past to present and in between various characters... I truly loved that.. It's like a true soap opera where you get to hear from everyone involved. And let me tell you... All of the characters are all different levels.... From deep to Just truly well done! Oh! And it's not a cliffy at all... Can't wait for the next books since you got to know all the characters sooooo well, I want to hear about all of them!

One star was deducted only because there were lots of grammar and spelling errors.... And we all know that like running over a rock while your skating..... With a professional edit, this would be perfect!