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Archer's Voice

Archer's Voice - Mia Sheridan OMG....Mia Sheridan's one of the most masterfully beautiful writers I have ever had the privilege to read...

Archers Voice is brilliant!! I have never read anything as original as this... the way Mia sucks you in and does NOT let go, whether she has you riding high with butterflies and first kisses and beautiful love...or she has you hanging on with your very soul through such gut wrenching tragedy you feel like you have held your breath for hours.

Gah....this beautifully amazing story about the most deep and pure and broken man, Archer.... and his Bree.... only ever his Bree... it's just too much...I will never be able to write a review to give this story even a little bit of justice. I can never convey the depth of feelings I have for this story. It's just perfectly beautiful!

I Bree you Mia!!! thank you for another amazing experience!