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Teaching Aleck

Teaching Aleck - Muriel Garcia 3.75 stars
Muriel Garcia continues the story of the Last Hangman MC, this time the story is centered around Aleck, A complete commitment phobe due to a very emotionally tragic past. He has never experienced love... acceptance... happiness even.

Enter Charline... she has known Aleck for many years, and what's even more tragic is she has been in love with him for that many years... But Aleck has a huge electrified chain link fence around his heart and Charline, try as she might.. just can't get in.

The writing definitely improved from the first book to this one. It flows much better, and it definitely has unexpected moments that surprised me! Love it when stories are not predictable... and this one definitely throws a curve ball no one saw coming!

I really liked that Charline is a strong independent woman, a far cry from the shy young girl we first meet. She definitely gives Aleck a run for his money...

I am dying to read the next book, about Gabe!