Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...


Consolation - Corinne Michaels After days of mourning the ending of this book... I still feel I can not move forward from this story, from the HELL OF AN ENDING that it has!!

Seriously.. i feel like a fish on land.. I can't breathe!!! I gasped so loud at the end of this story that I have forgotten how to inhale life saving oxygen!!

Natalie is widowed as she is preparing a bright future with her husband, who is killed in the line of duty. Her world is shattered with a knock on the door. How do you survive that.. how do you go on and bring happiness in your life again, not only for you, but for your innocent child.

Enter Liam, Her husbands best friend. He is determined to be there for her and her baby... He will stand strong as she crumbles and cries.. He will be her strength and envelope her with love.

Wait... that love for his best friends wife.. it is evolving.. it is growing into something that can't be! What can he do?? What should he do?? What will she do??