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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Beyond the Consequences

Beyond the Consequences - Aleatha Romig


I LOVE Aleatha.... And every book she writes about Tony and Claire terrifies me to read it....
But then I start reading more of this crazy world of Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings... and I am soooooo happy that Aleatha keeps them coming!!

Their journey is a dark twisted sordid love obsession... It always leaves you gasping and wanting to throw your kindle, and then at the same time praying this insanity never ends....

I can't say enough how epically talented Aleatha is, in creating a character so vile as Anthony Rawlings, and getting deep into our psyche and making us love him... How can you ever love a monster??? The only way is to be "Aleatha'd".

This 5th journey into their lives... you think.. would let you live in peace, as they have overcome soooooo much. This would be the story where everything is sunshine and roses... and you could bask in Tony and Claire enjoying their daughter Nichol... You would think that, right!!

Well no sooner did you get to have a little peace, than threats are made against the Rawlings mother and child, and the drama begins!

Will the madness ever end?? Can they ever have peace and ride off into the sunset in a bubble of love and happiness??

Well read on my Lovelies to find out!!!