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Here/Now (The Depth of Emotion, #3)

Here/Now (The Depth of Emotion, #3) - D.D. Lorenzo 5+++++++ Royal Stars!!
OMG.. D.D.!!! you knocked it out of the park with this 3rd book!!
I love that it is a stand alone/spinoff book from the first 2 books!!
I want to re-read this I love it so much!!!!

This story plunges you into the darkness that has become Carter Sinclaire's life after the murder of his Wife...
How can you return to having a beating heart when your heart was ripped out of your body?? How can you overcome a broken heart full of rage and hurt?

Aimee is a family friend, a beautiful soul, and a breath of fresh air that not only has suffered her own heartache, and is trying to find the other half of her heart... she also suffers at the hand of the same witch that destroyed Carter's world...

DD literally scared me at the incredible shocking scene in this book... I literally gasped and lost my sense of time and forgot my instinct to breathe!!!

This spin off story is so intrinsic... so incredible with twists and turns that you literally could not have guessed...while still dealing with a very real story of mending a broken heart.
It is a must read, and on my shelf of fave all time reads!!