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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Vegas Miracle

Vegas Miracle - Liz Crowe OMFG... this Trilogy about made me insane!!
Brilliantly written... soooooo well written.. every emotion I experienced was at a DEFCON level 1!!
I wanted to hand hold all the characters, love and hug them... and at the same time I wanted to cause them severe bodily harm!!
There were SEVERAL moments.. i had to put this series down.. walk away.. and get a hold of myself... I have never met a more stubborn set of characters that just needed to accept happiness and love and live HEA!!
But I had to run back to the story... unable to stop reading! I just had to see where Liz's beautifully twisted mind was going to take me... knowing I would love and scream during the journey!
This is a very real life decade journey, not just between Jack and Sara... but with EVERYONE in this book!!
Well Played Liz Crowe... well played...