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Just One More Breath

Just One More Breath - Leigha Lewis Wow this story just left me breathless... It deals with an incredibly sad tragedy, in a beautiful and truly respectful way..

Is is the story of Nicole... She had a beautiful woman with a beautiful life. She has the perfect life as a wife and mother. Then, in a split second, everything is ripped away from her. How can she survive something so devastating??

Shawn is a longtime friend, and a divorce attorney. He is a bit bitter in the love department due to his line of work... but that doesn't make him any less of a true friend.. A friend that Nicole needs badly even if both of them really truly don't understand it at first.

This is a very respectfully heartfelt story. I love sooooo much the Leigha Lewis did not do what most cookie cutter books do now a days... throw them into bed asap, and let the hot sex cure all the pain. She truly took the time to let us feel the heart ache... then rejoice with the healing hearts..

You do need some kleenax... for the sad and the happy tears... so be prepared!

Well done Leigha.. you have a true fan! can't wait for the next!!