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Love and Lists, Chocoholics #1

Love and Lists, Chocoholics #1 - Tara Sivec OMG GAVIN IS ALL GROWN UP!!!! (and having sex.... aaaah!!!)

ok.. let me tell you that it took me just a bit to get in the swing of things with wrapping my head around are fave little crazy boy, Gavin, into an adult, and making a "List" on "How to Make Charlotte Bang Me!!!" omg omg

once that shiver/shudder moment had passed, I of course fell into Tara's incredibly witty writing with our fave characters being involved all along the way! oh how we all missed them right??

Claire and Carter and some incredibly no no chocolates that Gavin's best friend Tyler made that sent him to the hospital in a very hillarious chapter!! Seriously my fave part of the book!

The banter between best friends Claire and Liz was beyond the best conversations I have read from them! With having such verbal and candid parents like Claire, Carter, Jim and Liz, it is amazing to me how well adjusted Gavin and Charlotte and with the incredibly funny influences of Aunt Jenny and Uncle Drew and their sincere help in their confusing and shocking Sex education classes... well.. it truly is a miracle!!

Do yourselves a favor and immediately run and one click to get Tara's next installment of this crazy group of people!!