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Cole (The Leaves, #2)

Cole (The Leaves, #2) - J.B. Hartnett Just finished my ARC! OMG! J.B.Hartnett knocked it out of the park...AGAIN!!!!! Freaking fantastic! Cole and Anika! Just amazing Luv story....

Seriously can not wait for all of you to read the continuation of their story!

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This book... this story... it is just an epic, completely freaking epic continuation of an already beyond epic story....

Anika... Cole... two of the deepest, most troubled and the absolute best hopeful souls that have ever existed!

There is everything in this story.. Love, sex..(hot sex), epic love... torture, humbling, fear.. and i mean curls your insides into knots type of fear... there is violence that seriously, still leaves my a little breathless... the cruelty of it... but the most amazing thing.. is their growth, as individuals, as a couple, as a complete and utter beautiful future!!

I refuse to give any spoilers.. but seriously, my most favorite part, of any book I have read thus far... is near the end of this book... and it involves a phone call from Anika to Cole... and it is just the most beautiful, happy tear jerking laughable, full of love moment i have ever experienced... when you get there you will understand!! i sooooooo want to scream it at you all to share it with you but it is soooo beyond this universe wonderful... just think of me when you read it!!

My wonderful J. B. Hartnett... Thank you for this amazing, deep and original story!