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Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn (Kathleen Turner, #1.5)

Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn (Kathleen Turner, #1.5) - Tiffany Snow wow wow wow!!!
Tiffany Snow! what an amazing read!!

I could not be more team Kade than i am at this moment... I have to admit.. Blane, always sort of made me be a little miffed at him.. he always seemed so cold in a way. After reading this in his POV (with some of Kade's POV) I have come to understand and even luv him a little. I get him now... I have to admit that.

But.... with that said... oh ms. Snow... could you break my heart anymore with little Kade?? seriously... going through his childhood trauma.... omg... kleenax! I have said this before in my other reviews of this series... you seriously just want to hold Kade and make it all better... well after this book, you would seriously want to this even soooo much more.

The bond of Brothers that Blane and Kade have is soooo beautifully written. You just know that Blane and Kade would literally lay down their lives for one another.... and Kade repeatedly does the impossible for Blane, and Blane sometimes has no clue...

I really hope we get more of Blane's POV in the future... and plz plz plz.. Kade's too!