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Leo's Chance (Sign of Love, #2)

Leo's Chance (Sign of Love, #2) - Mia Sheridan 4.5 stars! Review to follow... Just need to absorb the beauty in my soul a little while...

Ok... I was a bit worried when I started reading Leo's POV... I have read a few great "his" POV and a few that just seemed like I was re reading the original book... This one started out just a bit slow and I feared it was the latter.... But then, it just became amazing! You are given insights that just makes your heartbreak for Leo, and you 100% get why he wasn't honest at the get go.

Leo's journey is amazing... Everything he suffered and overcame to return to his true love just makes this a beautiful story. If you loved the first book Leo, you will love this one even more!

And let me tell you... the Epilogue... OMG!! It is one of the most amazing epilogues i have ever read... I mean... full circle, full of smiles, full of love!!!!