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We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

When It's Love [An Illicit Contemporary Romance]

When It's Love - Emma Lauren well i don't know about you.. but the student crush on the sexy teacher, and then the whole taboo part of it is a definite like for me where stories go... and this little crush definitely gets a little steamy.... in

the hot hot steaminess is with the ever faithful and good friend Harry... lucky lucky Sydnet.. let me tell you!!

Sydney.... let me tell you.. she has a secret... i won't tell you the secret.. but oh wow!!! shocking!!!

i really liked this story, mostly because it wasn't predictable.... for a debut author, the writing in this book jus flowed beautifully...

came very close to 5 stars... only thing that really knocked it down was it ends in one hell of a cliffy!!! i hate cliffy's!!!

definitely is still worth reading... cliffy or not!!!