Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Good (Too Good) (Volume 1)

Good - S. Walden omg... this book just omg. when i first stared it i thought.. YA.. then i kept reading and it hooked me. then i got really pissed at Mark Connelly... i mean he is a freaking teacher... he knows better.. he should never have gone near Cadence. my mommy bear instincts made me really not like this story, at the beginning.

then... i kept reading.. and i just couldn't stop. i read it all the way through, and it had me feel a plethora of emotions, and the most surprising, i was cheering for them. i wanted true love to win out. And it did, for a while. then they hit some walls. Of course they hit some walls, the age difference, the wrongness of the whole situation.

but then, when all hope was gone... true love won out, and then..... all hope was gone!

4 stars because is ends in a cliffy... hate cliffs... but it really is 4.5...