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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned - Sydney Logan Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan

This is a good book, a good solid story about love and acceptance, about prejudices and closed minds, about small towns and small attitudes, about real life and real pain, but mostly about love.

I am not gonna lie, I live in my little bubble. I like it. No.... I luv it. I try and stay away from the news, there is rarely anything on it but tragedy and negativity. I relish my little bubble filled with my little family in my little house. I am old enough to know ignorance and evil. I am also young enough to know that beauty and luv exists. So I luv my safe bubble.

This story is about a teacher, Sarah. She has survived a very traumatic event that's starts on the very first paragraphs... She feels responsible, she is damaged and has been alone for a long time due to the deaths of her parents at a young age. She comes from a small town, ventured out into the cruel world and returned to her small town to learn some unexpected life lessons.

There she met Lucas.... Ohhhhh sweet sweet perfect Lucas... Gah! Book boyfriends are the best aren't they?? He is not the tattooed, motorcycle driving bad boy in most But he is larger than life and has that inner quiet strength that makes him all alpha male! He is hurting as well...has suffered injustice... And fled to a small town..

Lucas and Sarah meet and survive and grow and learn and love.... They both deal with injustice and intolerance, and small towns and big cities... They are teachers and leaders and good people who deal with all the good and bad in their life, and help a student in grave need.

If you want to read a beautiful written solid story that depicts some real life topics, this is the book for you! I went in blindly in reading this book, am glad I did, for now I see more clearly....

4.5 stars!

Xoxox Elizabeth