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Rock Chick Revolution

Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley what can i say that hasn't been said before about Kristen Ashley and her incredible cool and fun books??

I luv her, luv her books, luv luv luv her women characters!! more power to strong women!! and well nothing bad can be said about her hot Alphas!!

this book was just a culmination of all of the rock chick stories, sadly the last of an amazing series. but none the less, still "Righteous!", like all the rest!! If you have been following the Rock Chicks through their many many adventures... then you know how amazing their stories are, and this last book does not disappoint.. and then adds sooo much more!!

She does promise to write more with a branch off series... my fingers are crossed that we still get to touch base with the rock chicks and their hot bunch of alphas!!