Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Lick: Stage Dive 1

Lick - Kylie Scott Well this story is about a 21st celebration for~ Evelyn

and a rocker (because we have to have a rocker in our stories!) ~David

and of course... VEGAS!!!!

why VEGAS?? where else can you go and behave like you never would back home... have an epic amazing night, and wake up on the bathroom floor.... with a rock on your finger the size of a small planet.... oh yeah... and your MARRIED!!! to a rocker!!!!

enuff said!

Totally enjoyed this sweet farfetched story! (why farfetched?? well i freaking live here and it NEVER happened to me!!! ha!)

ok.. back to David and Evelyn... i felt pretty bad for David since Evelyn DOES NOT REMEMBER marrying him nor their life altering night.... that's like that pic that floats around FB of Channing Tatum, that says something like....If i woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum was my husband... I wouldn't question it!!!

Luckily for us readers... after a few little bumps.. .David, since he remembers everything.. recreates for Evelyn, their amazing beginning!

Read this story... luved it!!