Perusing Princesses

We still love fairytales, they are just a little dirtier now...

Within The Realm

Within The Realm - Jillian Neal This book was a good mix of Sci-fi and fantasy.. and an added mix of extremely funny! That is a pretty rare combination!
This book has a world with regular folks and gifted folks....and in this world is about a particular family.. very large close knit family of about 20.. young adults.... can you just imagine the stories and sub stories going on in this book?? truly a great flow and an easy read!

Three, Two, One (321)

Three, Two, One (321) - J.A. Huss This story is really unique, Hot, and a tangled web that just hooks you from the beginning and does not let go!!

It had me just wanting to re-read many chapters, one for the hotness and two to figure out what the heck is going on and where is it going!! lol

luved it!!

The Law of Moses

The Law of Moses - Amy Harmon I have been digesting this book for a few days now.. and I just have to say how disturbingly beautiful this story is. It has such a haunting quality to it... it is beyond original.. heartbreaking, and heart reaffirming.
I don't want to give ANYTHING away... it is just one of those stories that you have to submerse yourself completely in, and let it wrap its cold, and its warmth around you.

just loved it... wish i could erase its memory from my mind and re-read it!!

The Job - Volume One

The Job - Volume One - Dawn  Robertson I really liked this story... about a single mom divorcee... who is trying to work to sort her kids and decides to try the oldest profession in the world...

Dawn really sucked me into this short story quickly.. it had humor, and provoked some great emotions... ends at a..Omg moment...

3.75 Crowns

Safe Love: A Love Brothers Companion Novella

Safe Love: A Love Brothers Companion Novella - Liz Crowe absolutely loved getting the details of Margot and Antony Love's story!

Love Brewing

Love Brewing - Liz Crowe this book was epic in the LOVE Brothers saga...
you knew it was going to be a battle of emotions... it's about Dom.. the most broken, misunderstood swoon worthy brother of the clan...

Liz did not disappoint! I feel like I have been beaten up and struck by Cupid's bow at the same time. The intense level of frustration and pain you feel while at the same time complete and utter love you just can't contain for Dom and his family, it blows your mind!

Empty Promises (Promises, #3)

Empty Promises (Promises, #3) - Elle Brooks DEVASTATINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
My soul has been beautifully gutted and my heart is filled with love for Elle Brooks...
I can not express in any words truly how amazing the Promises Series is...
Promises Hurt and Forgotten Promises are 2 of my all time fave books, and now I can add Empty Promises it as well!

You know.. going in, that this book is going to be painful.. of course you know because Emily has Leukemia, and you know from the other 2 books that she has lost her battle with this disease... but you really really really don't get how gut wrenching reading Emily's words will be...

There are 2 scenes in particular for me in this book... OMG... SNOTFEST... SOBS... just beautifully painful... amazingly real... gorgeous and devastating at the same time...
Don't get me wrong.. there is humor in this book, and beautiful life experiences from a girl trying to live everyday to her fullest...

The fact that Elle pulls from personal experiences, its just GAH!!! EPIC!!

Please do yourself a favor and read this series... Let Emily's words work loving magic to your soul!

A gazillion stars!


Cartel - Lili St. Germain Ok.. This is MindF***ery to it's most extreme scale!!

WTH LILI??? Dornan Ross is the DEVIL... there is no one worse than him!! How evil are you for making us despise him with all our might.. want him to die a thousand torturous deaths.. and then you come and write a book that tell his story.. that show him in a different light?? Make our cold dead frozen hearts start to melt... just a bit... FOR F***KING DORNAN ROSS!!!!!!!

There is a small list of evil.. truly evil authors in this world... they can twist and plot and turn your insides to acid towards characters.. then slam you with a mack truck, and make you start to feel... warm fuzzy feel for those despicable characters.... Lili St Germain... you just entered that Realm! Congratulations! I sort of hate you a little bit now!

This story is insanely good... I literally feel like someone went in my brain and shifted things around... I feel bad for Dornan... don't get me wrong.. he is still NOT a nice man... but holy hell, you seriously want to be on his side...

Team Dornan...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (falls to floor in mental anguish for feeling this way...)

Love That Defies Us

Love That Defies Us - M.N. Forgy This was a great Novella... back in Dani and Shadow's world. It was great to see them in their new life again... and M.N. Forgy managed to pull off some truly hot, and a nail biting scene in a novella!!
Great fast read!

Consume Me

Consume Me - Ryan Michele Just love Ryan Michele and her MC world!
this is book 3 of the Ravage MC club.. it can truly be read as a stand alone, but if you read the other 2 books, you will enjoy the interaction with the previous characters.

This story is about Blaze and Tug...
Blaze is running from her past, hiding out and trying not to make any connections with anyone.
Tug, is avoiding his past, is prospecting with the club, and pretty much, persistently pursuing Blaze...

I really enjoyed reading about them, their insane attraction to each other, and Tug's respect for Blaze, and getting to know her before making her "his".

can't wait for more books of the Ravage Mc!!

Second Debt

Second Debt - Pepper Winters

All Hail and Bow Down to


Sweet Lord almighty...

“Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

This tale of Nila and Jethro is as twisted as they come... even for Pepper!!

How does one fall in love with the Devil??

Is it Stockholm Syndrome or finding your soulmate?

Is it absolutely losing touch with reality and falling head first into insanity, or is it accepting your fate and opening your heart and soul to a love that terrifies you beyond reason??

I honestly have no idea.. when it comes to Jet and Nila... I want to believe it's true love in sadistic circumstances... I need to believe that all the lies, twists, turns, pain and hurt is for something that will become the greatest love story ever told.... it has too... 

please Pepper... I am losing my soul to this amazing story!


Kyland - Mia Sheridan


There is something to be said about Love being
the most important thing in the world...
It means more than money...
Kyland And Tenleigh
They are full of hope.
Hope is almost impossible to have in the poverty stricken Appalachian Mountains.
They are cold, hungry, and love starved.
They fight every single day just to survive odds that we never even dream of.
Through all of this, they have hope for a future that is just within their grasp...
but ultimately, out of their control.
They are both trying to get out, dreaming of a life that has a fridge full of food, a heated place to live.
Can love exist in such dire circumstances?
This story by Mia brings us to the reality of life and how there are so many people truly struggling to just survive... it is a story that lets you peak into a world we wouldn't pray on our worst enemy..
It is a story that if you embrace it fully, it will change your soul.
Beyond the struggles, they both happen to find a little happiness, a love that they will try and deny with their last breath, and will sacrifice everything, even going to the depths of hell so the other can have the possibility of a future.


4.5 crowns

Beyond the Consequences

Beyond the Consequences - Aleatha Romig


I LOVE Aleatha.... And every book she writes about Tony and Claire terrifies me to read it....
But then I start reading more of this crazy world of Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings... and I am soooooo happy that Aleatha keeps them coming!!

Their journey is a dark twisted sordid love obsession... It always leaves you gasping and wanting to throw your kindle, and then at the same time praying this insanity never ends....

I can't say enough how epically talented Aleatha is, in creating a character so vile as Anthony Rawlings, and getting deep into our psyche and making us love him... How can you ever love a monster??? The only way is to be "Aleatha'd".

This 5th journey into their lives... you think.. would let you live in peace, as they have overcome soooooo much. This would be the story where everything is sunshine and roses... and you could bask in Tony and Claire enjoying their daughter Nichol... You would think that, right!!

Well no sooner did you get to have a little peace, than threats are made against the Rawlings mother and child, and the drama begins!

Will the madness ever end?? Can they ever have peace and ride off into the sunset in a bubble of love and happiness??

Well read on my Lovelies to find out!!!


Thoughtful - S.C. Stephens

Review to follow..... (happy sigh)



Kellan is in the Castle!!

The Castle is officially closed!!! 



What is there to say.... it is KELLAN KYLE!!!
Not only is it my one and only top of the list book boyfriend,
Thoughtful is in HIS p.o.v.!!!
OMG.. I mean seriously... we get to be inside this rock god's head,
and most importantly, in his heart and soul!

Once I started reading this book, it was like coming home... and I never wanted to leave!
I can not tell you how emotional this book was for me.
My soul was filleted with Kellan's backstory.
You get such tragic details of his family that you just want to
hold Kellan in your arms forever!
(not like you didn't want to before, right?)

You really get to see all that went on between Kiera and himself..
Killeen's childhood with Denny and with his parents.
You just get to be inside Kellan, and although very painful,
it is the only place you want to be.

This Book is Magnificent!
S.C. Stephens just gave us all the best gift EVER!!
This will be one of my fave all time Re-Reads..
I never want to leave Kellan!

Standing By

Standing By - Claudia Y. Burgoa I am adding Claudia Y. Burgoa to my author list!!! Loved this book

Standing By is written with a lot of humor... and another hot hot did I mention HOT Knight Brother!!
This story is about Mitch Knight, and Hayley.... they are like oil and water at first... Mitch is just SO arrogant! lol but of course we all know that its just another way to get under a girls skin!! and then you add a drunken night in vegas... then an element of danger and BAM!! You get MITCH AND HAYLEY!!

It definitely wasn't an easy journey to their HEA... but with humor and writing that messes with your "feels"... it a great ride!!

Getting by

Getting by - Claudia Y. Burgoa This book is about Jake and Emma... no... wait.. i take it back.. this book is about Serendipity!
It is about secrets and broken souls... it is about opening up and not being afraid...
but mostly it is about taking a chance on love!

Emma is a broken girl with a dead protected heart... Jake is a self made man, who wants Emma, who is hurt be Emma.. and who has destiny bring Emma back in his life..

how do you fight that?? there is a power as great as love.. and that is destiny...
luved it!!